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Woodnflooring’s fitters follow a simple procedure which always allows the client to understand the floor installation, Parquet Flooring & Hardwood Flooring process and  time lines of what their installation involves. The fitting team will turn up promptly on the day with a job sheet and inventory of materials.

The team leader will run through the process with the client explaining what, where and how they are going to install the wood floor or flooring. They will explain the method of fixing and will give the client an estimated time of completion. We encourage clients to ask as many questions as they feel necessary to ensure that they feel perfectly comfortable with the entire process. Upon completion the client will be invited to inspect the work, and will be presented with a Customer Satisfaction Form. All comments are welcome on the form.

Shortly after the  floor installation has been completed, a member of Woodnflooring’s Customer Service Team will contact the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the work carried out and will be happy to answer any questions that have subsequently arisen.

No matter how much time or money you spend on a new floor, it will only ever be as good as the quality of the installation. Before commissioning a fitter, it is worth asking the following questions:


  • Is my subfloor level and even enough or will prep work be needed or even a new subfloor?
  • Is the moisture content of the subfloor suitable or will I need damp treatment?
  • Is the environment I want the floor laid in suitably stable for a new floor?
  • What method of fixing the floor is being proposed and why.
  • What direction should the floor lay in and why?
  • How are the fitters going to deal with doors, frames and skirtings?
  • How are the fitters going to deal with joints to other floors, maybe of a different level.



Woodnflooring fitters have the answers to all these questions and the solutions to any problem



If you have an existing solid oak wood floor that looks old, tired and damaged, in many cases this floor can be stripped back and re-sealed. It is also often possible to change the colour of the floor to match your change in taste. Light floors can be darkened or have a complete colour change. In some cases a previously dark floor can be lightened. Woodnflooring use high tech. Sanding machines that gather 90-95% of dust, and a huge range of colours, oils and lacquers to give a stunning professional finish. Sanding and Sealing is a very cost efficient method of breathing new life into an existing floor.

Woodnflooring offer a service whereby you.

if you have an existing solid oak wood floor, we can sand and varnish it for There are two different types of finish; Oil wax and lacquer. Oil wax has a more matt finish and lacquer carries a more shiny finish. They are both durable and easy to maintain. It comes down to personal taste.

Woodnflooring also offer a staining service. We can stain and existing floor for you and then apply a finish on top


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