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Reclaim Wood Flooring

We can recreate the spirit of the past beneath your feat. Walking on reclaim wood flooring creates rich, warm comfort along with a sense of satisfaction of leaving a part of the forest somewhere for future generations. Reclaim wood offers an authentic wood grain with a rich, naturally weathered colour that cannot be duplicated today.

Our craftsmen custom mill the reclaim wood to your specific needs. It is hand crafted one plank at a time creating a product that would enhance and enrich a space. Many of our customers call us back to tell how the reclaim wood flooring has made the space they live in better.

Most of the wood is reclaimed from old structures and sustainable sources of reclaimed timber. Visit us to find reclaim wood flooring categorised to species and grades. Our staff hand picks antique beams, siding and dimensional lumber to create top quality reclaim wood flooring products. State-of-the-art machinery, well-resourced wood and skilled craftsmen join to produce reclaim wood of top quality.

When it comes to the variety of colour tones, reclaim wood floor provides as many choices with fresh wood flooring. We can use the wood sourced from different stocks to create diversity. This ensures that floor satisfies not just quality norms, but individuality as well.

We use various techniques to give reclaim wood floor smoother surface while retaining the character. It is for you to select a floor that complements the decor scheme of your space. Reclaim wood flooring in old design will recreate the ambience of yesteryears.

Reclaim furniture we churn out creates an enduring space that is as unique as your taste. You may even get the reclaim wood from the species which are now extinct, giving a new dimension to your decor and making the experience even more exciting.

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